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Discover what the right strategic relationships can do for you with our innovative meeting format.

Meet Tia Potter


Tia Potter is the heart of Retail Connect Events. With 25 years of retail experience focused on building strategic relationships with her clients, Potter's expertise is facilitating introductions that enable results.


The depth of Tia's industry experience makes Retail Connect Events simply the most effective and efficient way for retail providers to create awareness of their products and services, build relationships and trust with potential buyers and reduce the sales cycle. Plus, compared to traditional sales appointments and the cost of retail participation, Retail Connect Events offers a much more powerful return on investment for retail technology and design solution providers.


Most recently, Potter was VP, Retail Group, Global Exchange Events where she launched the Retail Technology Exchange and the Retail Design Exchange.

"The vendor meetings were informative and we were able to find sources for goods and services that will enable us to broaden our current offerings."

—Todd Cole, King Retail Solutions

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